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Concrete & Driveway

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Concrete & Driveway Power washing

Clean Concrete Makes a Difference

When the concrete areas around your home are no longer clean and bright it’s like framing your home and dirt as the curb appeal of your property suffered tremendously! Yet it’s no surprise why your concrete gets so dirty so quickly . The concrete surface around your home makes up the most traffic-heavy parts of your property. Sidewalks and patios battle foot traffic from both your family and your pets as well as everything else Mother Nature throws at it, while your driveway gets all of that plus fluids leaking from cars fertilizer stains decomposing leaves and a whole host of other contaminants.

Why it Matters

Most if not all of the concrete around your home has a porous surface. It can trap small bits of dirt and water. These pores become a breeding ground for algy mildew and other organic stains which you see as dark and black patches that spread over the surface of your concrete. Not only are these patches slippery to walk on when wet it also increases the risk of accidents on your property. Having your concrete  driveway areas clean regularly is a great way to keep your property looking great and protect your family.

EcoSanitation uses industry leading techniques and state of the art professional grade pressure washing equipment our technicians know how to restore a spotless clean back to your driveway in concrete areas. Our power washing process uses pressurized water and professional grade cleansers to dislodge any buildup an completely rid your concrete surfaces of any stains all in a fraction of time it would take you to do it yourself are gorgeous professional power washing technicians are experts at removing the following:

  • Organic stains and discolorations
  • Mildew and Algae
  • Grease oil and other fluid leads
  • Chewing gum
  • Fertilizer stains
  • And more

Your Local Concrete & Driveway Experts

EcoSanitation is proud to deliver the best driveway and concrete and driveway cleaning service in the Sacramento CA area. We pride ourselves in making every step of our concrete cleaning service as easy as possible for our customers. From our simple and direct estimates or taking the time to explain exactly what our service will entail to ensuring that any outdoor furniture in the cleaning area is protected. See for yourself why so many in the Sacramento area turn to EcoSanitation for their home driveway and concrete cleaning.

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