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Trash Bin Cleaning services

How It Works

99.9% Bacteria Eliminated

Helps prevent the spread of diseases such as E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

Eco-Friendly Process

Our cleaners are eco-friendly and the water is 100% contained.

200°f Water

High pressure water is heated to a bacterial killing temperature.

Your Bins are Spotless

No mess, trash, or dirty water left behind. Just a sparkling clean bin.

Trash Bin Cleaning
We’ll clean, deodorize & disinfect your trash bins

Filthy and unkept trash bins impregnate the air with putrid smells and other residues. EcoSanitation cleans and sanitizes trash bins using environmentally safe cleaning agents and uses only recycled water that is again recovered by our service vehicles. Furthermore, our cleaning services are compliant with the City of Sacramento’s environmental standard which keeps you compliant with all EPA and city regulations.

EcoSanitation will schedule service for trash bins after trash pick-up, ensuring only clean and sanitized bins are left. Services are flexible and reliable, including nights and weekends. You will receive after-cleaning photos with your invoices to ensure the job is up to our high standards. We also offer quarterly and monthly service options to cover our customer’s needs. Sign up below to get started!

Trash Bin Cleaning

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One-Time Trash Bin Cleaning


One time

• Only $12.99 for Each Additional Bin

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